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You've reached at YMCA Camps - Dates and Rates Brochure Online

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Enrollment of young boys and girls in creative activities gives immense pleasure to the kids and get the opportunity to learn various new things and life long learning skills. The youths can avail these benefits by engaging themselves in the YMCA camps that are organized for a short duration and are focused the potential of the teenagers. Parents also get relaxed by enrolling the children in these summer programs as kids are assured of expert assistance provided in the YMCA centers. The trainers guide the children individually and focus on strengthening the academics and creative arts skills. The youngsters are also trained to develop the leadership talents in addition to building the team spirit. Facility of residential programs is provided where the kids get the opportunity to obtain twenty four hour assistance of the skilled instructors. Here the youngsters reside in dormitories with other fellow learners.

There are varieties of summer camps that offer different levels of programs to the youngsters. There are educational centers that proffer academic excellence programs to the youngsters. YMCA surf programs are organized for the children in which the adolescents are engaged in surfing activities under expert guidance. Sport training is also provided as per the interest level of the youngsters. Experienced coaches train the kids and prepare them for a bright future in various fields. In sleepaway camps, the children get the chance to stay and engage in various adventurous activities such as camp fires, hiking, mountaineering and skiing. Boys and girls get the benefits of both indoor and outdoor activities in the overnight summer programs.

Following are the benefits of YMCA residential camps:

- Instills confidence
- Team building
- Leadership development
- Family support
- Counseling
- Recreational activities
- Friendly environment
- Healthy relationships

There are many summer schools that consider the special needs of the youngsters. Teens struggling with ADD or ADHD disorders are provided specialized treatments that help the kids to recover the traumatic situation and lead a healthy lifestyle. The environment of the YMCA outdoor centers is friendly and suitable to the needs of the kids. The trainers believe in providing confidential programs to the adolescents facing various behavioral disorders. Family support and counseling facility is provided to help the family of the juveniles. Special camp programs are organized for boys and girls focusing on their special needs.

Fun and entertaining environment encourages the teenagers to learn quickly and build self confidence. It persuades the adolescents to build healthy relationships with fellow learners and develop the team building skills. The children get the opportunity to gain knowledge in a challenging environment with the assistance of mature and enthusiastic professionals. The YMCA programs are dedicated to enhance the high caliber of the kids and to make them independent and motivated. The focus is also laid on building the character through expert guidance and faith based learning sessions. One of the main features of YMCA kids summer camps is the safe environment where parents can leave the children without worrying much about their safety. Facility of immediate health care is provided in the case of severe medical emergencies. Teenagers avail the benefits of inspiring learning opportunities in the summer camp programs.
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